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Clean Brite Tulsa, OK is a reliable company offering its customers a wide range of services from daily, weekly, bi-weekly office/house maid services to move in/move out, pre/post construction cleaning services and window cleaning services. 

For us it does not matter in which part of Tulsa your office/house is located, the only what matters is professionalism, accessibility and quality of our services.The company provides professional and affordable cleaning services in the area of Tulsa, OK since 1986.

We are confident in our employees and want our customer to have the perfect confidence in their work too! Our team includes only professional, experienced, honest employees who are true experts in delivering cleaning services Tulsa,OK.

We offer free estimates for your home or office

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Yes, you have made the right decision. You will not regret about it any moment. Clean Brite guarantees you diligent cleaning and complete satisfaction of your intentions. If you do not have time to please us by your presence, now you have the opportunity to order our maids cleaning service by phone.

This option has the following advantages: you can get the complete information about our services, the exact prices and of course, the most precious – recommendations and advices.


  • Clean Brite has been serving Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area since 1986.
  • Clean Brite is licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Clean Brite offers free estimates.
  • Clean Brite provides commercial, janitorial as well as residential cleaning service.
  • Clean Brite provides high quality cleaning service at an affordable price.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Janitoral Services
Homes and businesses need to stay clean; therefore a janitorial cleaning service is often indispensable. A professional janitorial service offers many benefits to busy families and businesses without a janitorial staff of their own.

There are two groups that the cleaning and janitorial services industry focuses on, and they are the individual consumer and the commercial sector. Private individuals primarily need residential maid services, or carpet and window cleaners. Professional janitorial services cater to businesses, either offices or stores. Building maintenance is also provided by the commercial janitorial cleaning services company. For example, most office janitorial service companies do their janitorial work after office hours.

Janitor Services
The services of a janitorial company are important to any business, whether it be large or small. Part of managing a business is ensuring that offices and business premises remain both clean and sanitary. Small businesses may not have enough work to justify employing a full-time janitorial cleaner; therefore contracting services may be offered. Large companies, on the other hand, may not want to do their own janitorial office cleaning because of supervision problems. It is also more cost effective to enter into a janitorial service contract with a company who can provide the required level and quality of services.

There are thousands of janitorial services companies out there to choose from. It is important to select a commercial janitorial service that will enhance the professional image of the client’s business.

The Good Janitorial Companies
Before deciding what janitorial service business to contract with, investigate the capabilities of all the janitorial services near you. Make sure they know how to organize the work properly and service your facility efficiently. Ask the right questions before signing the contract and the chances are you will have a complete janitorial services provider that keeps your facility in top shape.

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    Ok Thats Great.. Thanks Your information is very informative for me. According to my ideas some way to clean any place. Some company provide a best service to clean a home,restaurent,Pub,Offices etc..The busiest spot in your house, the bathroom is the place every guest visits.

  2. Cole Parmer says:

    Great tips here! Finding the right janitorial company to fit your needs can be a task, but this helps break it down!

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