Tulsa OK Wins Big BCS Dr Pepper Half Time Show Kelsie Berg $100K Scholarship



WINNER Kelsie Berg DR. PEPPER $100,000 SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY @ BCS BOWL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP you heard it first from M3 New Media on December 5th full News Story here


Social Media Brings Dollars to Oklahoma Kelsie Berg, OU Student Wins Dr Pepper Tuition Challenge & $100K Scholarship Featured At BCS Halftime Show Parents How to Fund College Education!


Clean Brite Tulsa says CONGRATULATIONS Kelsie and good luck with Miss Oklahoma Pagaent!

Tulsa Janitorial Company

Clean Brite Tulsa, OK is a reliable company offering its customers a wide range of services from daily, weekly, bi-weekly office/house maid services to move in/move out, pre/post construction cleaning services and window cleaning services. 

For us it does not matter in which part of Tulsa your office/house is located, the only what matters is professionalism, accessibility and quality of our services.The company provides professional and affordable cleaning services in the area of Tulsa, OK since 1986.

We are confident in our employees and want our customer to have the perfect confidence in their work too! Our team includes only professional, experienced, honest employees who are true experts in delivering cleaning services Tulsa,OK.

We offer free estimates for your home or office

Have you decided to call our company?

Yes, you have made the right decision. You will not regret about it any moment. Clean Brite guarantees you diligent cleaning and complete satisfaction of your intentions. If you do not have time to please us by your presence, now you have the opportunity to order our maids cleaning service by phone.

This option has the following advantages: you can get the complete information about our services, the exact prices and of course, the most precious – recommendations and advices.


  • Clean Brite has been serving Tulsa, OK and the surrounding area since 1986.
  • Clean Brite is licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Clean Brite offers free estimates.
  • Clean Brite provides commercial, janitorial as well as residential cleaning service.
  • Clean Brite provides high quality cleaning service at an affordable price.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Janitoral Services
Homes and businesses need to stay clean; therefore a janitorial cleaning service is often indispensable. A professional janitorial service offers many benefits to busy families and businesses without a janitorial staff of their own.

There are two groups that the cleaning and janitorial services industry focuses on, and they are the individual consumer and the commercial sector. Private individuals primarily need residential maid services, or carpet and window cleaners. Professional janitorial services cater to businesses, either offices or stores. Building maintenance is also provided by the commercial janitorial cleaning services company. For example, most office janitorial service companies do their janitorial work after office hours.

Janitor Services
The services of a janitorial company are important to any business, whether it be large or small. Part of managing a business is ensuring that offices and business premises remain both clean and sanitary. Small businesses may not have enough work to justify employing a full-time janitorial cleaner; therefore contracting services may be offered. Large companies, on the other hand, may not want to do their own janitorial office cleaning because of supervision problems. It is also more cost effective to enter into a janitorial service contract with a company who can provide the required level and quality of services.

There are thousands of janitorial services companies out there to choose from. It is important to select a commercial janitorial service that will enhance the professional image of the client’s business.

The Good Janitorial Companies
Before deciding what janitorial service business to contract with, investigate the capabilities of all the janitorial services near you. Make sure they know how to organize the work properly and service your facility efficiently. Ask the right questions before signing the contract and the chances are you will have a complete janitorial services provider that keeps your facility in top shape.

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Clean Brite Tulsa Announces New ‘Hire Local’ Hiring Initiative

Clean Brite Tulsa Announces New ‘Hire Local’ Hiring Initiative to Benefit Tulsa Area Businesses

Tulsa Janitorial Company, Clean Brite Tulsa CleanBriteTulsa CEO Tom Green recently announced a new hiring initiative ‘Hire Local’ to Benefit Tulsa Area Business Owners and Employees

Tulsa Janitorial Company, Clean Brite Tulsa, recently announced a new hiring initiative to benefit Tulsa area business and employees. “You’ve heard the term ‘buy local’ Are motto this summer is ‘Hire Local’ Tulsa has been so good to us and we want to give back by hiring local,” says Clean Brite CEO, Tom Green.

“We’ve been doing the ‘Refer a Building’ program for over a year and that has created some new quality clients for us and been a huge blessing to our current employees. Our new ‘Hire Local’ initiative rewards our current employees who bring us referrals. While following EOE guidelines we’ve found a great way to add an incentive to our current employees who find new business for us and we create a ‘win-win’.

The program also deals with trying to match applicants with facilities that need janitorial in their location. For example hiring a new subcontractor to clean a Church or office for us in Owasso just makes sense, rather than sending a South Tulsa or Broken Arrow employee across town, not only that they save a ton of gas. We have also rewarded employees who have brought us referrals that have turned into business,” reports Tom.

Clean Brite Tulsa uses Select Force, an Oklahoma-based background screening Company that does full OSBI background checks on all of their employees and contractors, this in addition to being bonded and insured so that customers from Manufacturing, Medical, Banking and Schools and Churches feel safe leaving their keys with Clean Brite.

Because of the nature of the Janitorial Industry workers have typically been part-time. By rewarding their part-time employees with bonuses, Clean Brite has, in essence, trained their custodians on how to be marketers and it seems to be working for them.

“While it’s true the economy hit us hard with companies leaving town for Houston and other locations we’ve been thankful to grow and reconnect with the local business owners in the medical, retail, educational and other specialty industries.

Companies, business owners and facility managers can visit CleanBriteTulsa.com to request a quote for janitorial services and be sure and ask a free Indoor Air Quality Report to find out if you work in a ‘sick’ building. Clean Brite Tulsa recently featured in the news for being a leader in the green environmental friendly cleaning space in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Clean Brite Tulsa is the area’s leading Indoor Air Quality & Janitorial Services Company specializing in quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Oklahoma City, Joplin, Claremore, Ft. Smith Ar & Dallas, Tx. Services include: Carpet cleaning, tile floor buffing, stripping, waxing and propane buffing of VCT.

Tulsa Green Cleaning

Tulsa Janitorial Company, Clean Brite Tulsa ‘Goes Green’ with Technology & Cleaning

Tulsa based  Clean Brite Tulsa  introduces eco-friendly green cleaning and when it comes to choosing a Janitorial Company, Clean Brite Tulsa Janitorial Company gets great reviews and makes the news  in the manufacturing, medical, educational, church, industrial and government building industries in Catoosa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Claremore & Tulsa,” says COO Tom Green

When it come to ‘green cleaning’ Tulsa Based Clean Brite Tulsa is a company that loves the environment and loves it’s employees. “We ‘went green’ before it was popular,” says Mr. Green. “Now everyone is talking about the environment and going green.”

“We saw this trend coming in the early 90’s and began offering our clients, customers and employees green, organic and natural cleaning alternatives. It was a smart choice not just for those with allergies, employees and students but also for our medical clients who were taking care of hundreds of patients per week in a hospital environment.”

Clean Brite is a green cleaning company with an entire line of green clean products. Tom Green, COO at Clean Brite says, “More and more companies not only want green cleaning but also indoor air quality to be a priority. At Clean Brite we only use triple filtration Windsor vacuums that remove 99.9% of the microns-freeing the air of dust mites, particulates and disease causing bacteria and viruses that make employees sick and keep them from work. You could say that our cleaning system reduces employee sick time and makes for a cleaner, safer, more healthy work environment.”

Companies, business owners and facility managers can visit request a quote for janitorial services and be sure and ask a free Indoor Air Quality Report to find out if you work in a ‘sick’ building.

Clean Brite Tulsa provides quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Oklahoma City, Joplin, Claremore, Ft. Smith Ar & Dallas, Tx. Services include: Carpet cleaning, tile floor buffing, stripping, waxing and propane buffing of VCT.

Selecting an expert Cleaning Service

Let’s face the facts: the majority of us don’t want to need to bother about cleaning our work place. In the end, all of us go back home to some house or apartment we should keep clean, kind you want to bother with similar type of problems at the office? For this reason janitorial services exist to ensure that the typical office manager doesn’t have to consider hygiene, and may therefore perform a better job using the tasks he was hired to do. Commercial cleaning services are a fantastic approach to keeping an expert office atmosphere as much as task.

Previously, janitorial services might have been considered a cost not worth dealing with specifically for many smaller businesses. However nowadays, you will find couple of companies that do not make good utilization of professional cleansers. A number of these service companies are very affordable for the small company owner. Because many cleaning companies are usually large, they could offer companies bargains on service. Companies will have the ability to choose from different choices too, that is especially advantageous when they can’t afford an intensive floor-to-ceiling scrub lower each week.

Companies will have the ability to decide whether constant dusting is essential or if the floor ought to be cleaned every evening. If your company is affected with extreme disorganization, that company can consider the expertise of an expert organizer. As you can tell, the type of choices a cleaners provides can be very huge.

Useful especially useful to individuals companies whose employees aren’t particularly organized or passionate about keeping things clean. Because they are professionals we’re speaking about, a workplace is going to be stored as clean out of the box imaginable, regardless of what slobs work there throughout daylight hrs. Commercial cleansers do a lot more than what you will do in your own home they make sure that a workplace stays in sanitary working order, to maintain business rules. Additionally to regular maintenance cleanings, deck hands could be introduced directly into solve specific problems. For example, if after a workplace party your whole office remains out of balance, a cleaning service will have the ability to whip the region fit very quickly, and can even have the ability to reorganize the area. If the office is struggling with an excessive amount of clutter, an expert team could be introduced directly into evaluate the problem and arrange it to match a clients preferences. Stains which have gathered around the walls or carpets can be taken off by using professionals.

Nobody loves to neat and employees will not be thrilled at being requested to help keep work clean to ensure that their employer doesn’t have to employ a cleaning service. Nowadays, this type of factor just isn’t done a minimum of not in the industry world. Proprietors could be doing themselves a big favor in employing something, to ensure that work atmosphere will certainly stay neat and efficient for those who work there. Individuals concerned about prices do not need to be there’s a cleaning plan to suit watch budget.

Carpet Cleaning Your Tulsa Office Helps Keep Employee Sickness to Minimum

Carpet Cleaning Your Tulsa Office Helps Keep Employee Sickness to Minimum

A great rug cleaning company will help you with efficient cleaning.


Carpets often witness the worst deterioration and abuse connected having a long-term factor in your house as well as office. Consider it, your homes roof can get beaten by rain fall in addition to snowfall and should be changed every single 3 decades approximately, the fresh paint or siding around the house usually can last fifteen years till it must be colored again but, your carpets are not shipped to last greater than many years specifically if you have children. Among kids, site visitors, in addition to pets your carpets and carpets can withstand lots of deterioration but, ultimately it’ll look old and used. Just cleaning daily can’t arrive at the deep-lower muck that spreads throughout the depths of the carpet. You’ll need your carpets appropriately washed every once in awhile to make sure they are completely new once more.


Don’t let stains, smells in addition to allergens to build up inside your carpet and invade your house as well as office, take them of while on an experienced rug cleaning expert. Good rug cleaning companies may, first, have years of connection with cleaning carpets and fabric. They ought to have advanced methods to effectively eliminate grime, muck, dust in addition to mold from your carpets, area carpets, and fabric in houses in addition to companies.


Any rug cleaning specialist cleaning your carpets and rugs at your office can provide high quality rug cleaning and stain elimination services that employ just non-toxic items to clean your carpets utilizing an eco safe organic cleaning method that may relieve anybody who’s anxious about chemicals inside their office.


The UK Lung Organization states that much difficulty in breathing, for instance bronchial asthma, are triggered through interior allergens for example mold, dustmites in addition to dog dander. However with lung problems and allergic responses clean regularly, very few of us think about the carpets to become serious problem. By getting a trustworthy, well-knowledgeable rug cleaning Woking company showed up in your home, they ought to have the ability to eliminate any type of allergens.


Recent reports recommended that nearly 45% of houses within the Uk possess high amounts of dust mite allergens, pet dander, together with other activities that trigger allergic reactions. The dpi far surpasses the total amount that researchers possess pointed out are recognized to make the progression of allergic reactions in addition to respiratory system issues in grown ups and youngsters.


Despite the fact that a house with many different children in addition to pets can buy a filthy carpeting within lightning pace, place of work carpets and carpets possess a greater power of deterioration in comparison to many people recognize, due to the fact even your workplace might be cleaned daily, within an atmosphere where 100s of people are becoming grime and muck in the road, cleaning barely scrapes the top.


Office employees can are stricken by inadequacies in outdoors, and dirty carpeting may considerably increase the amount of pollutants inside your working atmosphere. If you are a business searching for rug cleaning you need to make certain they’ve done commercial/business balances before. You would like to actually hold the correct individual to do the job. Give us a call at Clean Brite Tulsa we can make your office carpets; clean, fresh and like new again. When it comes to indoor air quality, Clean Brite Tulsa is the company to call.

Strip Wax Buff your Floors for the Holidays Tulsa

When it comes to your floors looking their best for the holiday, nothing says you care about your employees, customers and health than maintaining clean, quality floors. Call us today for special holiday pricing for all your floor maintenance needs, stripping, buffing and waxing and we will make you shine!


Tulsa Janitorial Company Available for Stripping & Waxing Floors

It’s summer time in Tulsa and the kids are out of school and employees are on vacations. If your job site has limited hours and is going summer time clean up give Clean Brite Tulsa a call for stripping and waxing.

Clean Brite has been buffing, mopping, stripping and waxing floors in Tulsa for years. Our janitorial crews are all bonded, insured, highly trained and highly skilled to meet every level of floor finishing and maintenance imaginable. From churches to schools, medical facilities, day cares, manufacturing, warehouses and retail. Give Clean Brite Tulsa a call and get a free estimate on your floor strip and wax or buffing job. Clean Brite Tulsa also provides carpet cleaning and nightly janitorial.

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Tulsa Janitorial Company Gets the Call

Search Tulsa Janitorial Companies and You will Find Dozens of Companies

But one company has been climbing to the top of search every since their website launched in May of 2010 and that company is Clean Brite Tulsa.


Buffing the Floors at the Mall

It’s nice to know that after weeks of telemarketing, cold calling and door to door canvassing the thing that made our phone ring was non of the above.

In fact when Promenade mall needed help with their floors because a water sprinkler emitted dirty water and they needed a quick restoration job they found Clean Brite Tulsa on Google, that’s right the internet search. We launched the new website back in May of 2010 and it looks like we are starting to get some traction.

Then the phone rings again, this time they found us by searching for “Tulsa Janitorial Companies” and want to know if we have a propane buffer and if we service retail stores and the answer is yes and yes.

So thanks to Google, blogging about Janitorial, some great testimonials and Social Media Tweets about Green Cleaning, Clean Brite Tulsa is becoming the premier place facility managers turn for all of their cleaning and restoration needs. Twitter Marketing provided by Tulsa based M3NewMedia.

Building Owner Calls Clean Brite For Water Sprinkler Clean Up in Tulsa

Tulsa Building Owner Calls Clean Brite for Weekend Water Sprinkler issue at Mall


I’ts Saturday in Tulsa and the voice mail that rings into the office alerts my smart phone that I have a message. When I call the owner of the large commercial property he says the way he found us was through Google.

The water sprinklers had gone off in a former Mervyn’s location at Promenade mall and the water left quite a mess on the floor that needed a quick clean up. We were able to schedule a crew to take care of the issue before their deadline and everyone went home happy. As I was driving home to be with my family I realized that Google really does work. Blogging, Social media and Keyword had created a winning SEO combination and allowed the building owner in Tulsa to find us on page one of Google-Now that’s what I call a real clean up! Water sprinker and all!

Clean Brite Janitorial is a full service janitorial company serving the greater Tulsa area and Northwest Arkansas.