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In today’s world of energy crises and security fears, we’ve sheltered ourselves in our tightly sealed homes, keeping the outside out. In the meantime, we’ve sealed some bad things in and created nest beds for harmful germs, gases and particle air pollutants.

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Indoor Air Quality Tulsa, OK

A Natural Solution

Outdoors, nature has been solving the problem of air pollution naturally since the beginning of time. Sunlight and lightning disperse ultraviolet light, activated oxygen, and negatively charged ions to scrub the air clean by oxidizing pollutants and removing airborne particles. This is the same fresh, clean air often experienced after a thunderstorm.
Simply put, activTek systems bring nature’s outdoor solution inside, duplicating the natural air purification process and creating cleaner, fresher indoor air, naturally with ActivePure technology.

A Superior Solution


Before the development of activTek’s ActivePure technology, air purification relied mainly on passive systems like filters and ultraviolet solutions. These passive systems sit and wait for air to come to them before it can be treated, so only the air that passes through the system can be affected.
ActivePure sends the solution to the pollution, moving throughout your home to find and eliminate pollutants, even on surfaces where most mold, bacteria and viruses originate.


A high powered germicidal UV lamp provides deactivation of pathogens as they pass through, and the UVX light also activates our ActivePure (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) technology.
ActivePure combines high-intensity UVX light with a proprietary multimetallic coating to create Radiant Catalytic Ionization. This produces superoxide ions and hydro-peroxides that reduce airborne contaminants and odors.
A proprietary RF-type ionization system is used to emit energy waves up to 60 feet (even through walls) to charge ultra-fine particles in the air. Needlepoint Ionization disperses these negatively charged ions to attract airborne particles, helping to remove them from your breathing space. The optional Corona Discharge Plate produces activated oxygen to further treat the air.


Unlike filters that can only catch particles that are .3 microns and larger, ActivePure reduces particle concentrations as small as .01 microns. UV lamps kill bacteria but don’t filter particles. And they only work if the bacteria is exposed to the UV light for a minimum length of time. ActivePure kills bacteria and reduces particles. And because it uses active technology, it treats pollutants at the source – even on SURFACES!


ActivePure technology is recognized as a Certified Space Technology for having effectively applied space-based technology to address the real and growing concern of indoor air pollution and improve the quality of life for people here on Earth. ActivePure uses RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) technology originally developed in cooperation with NASA to clean the air in spacecraft.


The effectiveness of ActivePure technology has been qualified by multiple peer-reviewed university studies. It has been proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of ten of the most deadly forms of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses on surfaces, as well as significantly reduce harmful particles in the air.

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Tulsa Company Cleans Up Toxic Chemicals In The Workplace & Improves Indoor Air Quality

A Tulsa company is making a difference in the way employees and managers work. Working in a toxic free zone is important and makes for a better work environment.

Clean Brite, Inc. has been cleaning Tulsa’s facilities since 2000 and has helped many a facilities manager achieve greater indoor air quality, environmentally friendly homeostasis and workplace goodwill. Tulsa-company-cleans

Some chemical stresses in the workplace include: toxins, smoke, chemicals, allergens & mold. When these types of chemicals, odors, toxins and spills are present in a Tulsa building the employees and staff can experience unpleasant reactions and side-effects. From decreased productivity to lost time from work and paid sick leave; HR managers, bosses and company owners are being pre-emptive and preventative and it is paying off in big ways.

Clean Brite Tulsa has been offering free Environmental Assessments for years. Certified as mold remediation specialists. Clean Brite offers: Mold spore detection,  indoor air quality ratings, duct inspections and other indoor air quality measure are taken and a report of findings and actions for improvement are given to the facilities manager.

Many times a simple duct cleaning, air filter changing, carpet cleaning or switching to environmentally friendly, green cleaning products will help correct the situation. When duct cleaning or asbestos removal is needed the appropriate plans can be made to quickly and safely get the facility back to a healthy condition. Doing so can assure that Tulsa’s employees and employers are healthy and productive again.

Stay tuned for more quality information about positive information about quality workplace environmental best practices.

We will soon have the Free assessment posted on this website for you to guage the overall health and indoor air quality of your building.

Clean Brite

Is Your Cleaning Green? Home & Office How to-Prevent Pollution!

Is Your Cleaning Green?

If you think of your home or office is safe from pollution, you are seriously mistaken. According to U.S. EPA, levels of pollutants in indoor air can be two times to more than 100 times higher than outdoors. This indoor pollution is mainly due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that evaporate, or “offgas,” from decorating and cleaning products. This indoor environment can affect you and the outside word too. One factor that can have a major impact is the cleaning methods that are used. If you want to ensure your cleaning is green, follow these important tips:

1. Cleaning agents

Green Cleaning

The biggest potential health hazard lies in the type of cleaning products that are used. Check which ones your office cleaning service uses. They should be products with no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), no chlorine and preferably an EcoLogo certification. These products aren’t toxic to humans if touched or inhaled or harmful to the environment when washed down the drain.

2. Lighting

Office buildings consume high amounts of energy. If your cleaning service works overnight, you should think about reducing the energy waste during this time. Consider asking your cleaning service to clean light fixtures where possible since dust and dirt can reduce light output by 30%. This will not only conserve energy and benefit the environment but will help decrease utility bills too!

3. Recycling

Include recycling as part of your office-clean up routine by placing recycling bins near printing and copying machines so that paper can be recycled. There should be containers to collect glass bottles and aluminum cans in break or kitchen areas. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service, they will help you in recycling services.

4. Reduce waste

Instead of using wipes and tissues that are used once and then thrown away, use cloths that can be washed and reused in your office kitchen or cleaning cupboard. If the use of paper towels could not be avoided, purchase ones that are already made from recycled materials.

5. Clean your indoor air naturally

Skip those store-bought air fresheners and instead use natural freshners. Some companies now sell “greener” air fresheners for customers who are concerned regarding the health effects with lowered levels of pollutants. Plants may not make your office smell different but are good for filtering indoor air and will look pretty too!

Ensuring green cleaning practices in your office can have a major impact on the employees’ morale, knowing they are contributing to a better world environment. It will also benefit their health too which will lead to better productivity.

Green Cleaning encourages a healthy environment, safety, and social awareness. It can help decrease air and water pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change. Using green products can reduce potential allergens and toxic cleaning products. If you’ve made a commitment to keep your cleaning green, find a commercial cleaning company that can offer quality cleaning while providing environmentally-friendly standards such as recycling services and the use of green cleaning products.

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Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Tulsa

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Tulsa

These days newer homes are made air-tight to make them highly energy efficient, but these homes are not very good at circulating fresh air. The same is true for Commercial buildings. Indoor Air QualityIn its place, fumes from paint, stains, furniture, carpets, and household cleaners build up in our homes and generate nasty levels of air pollution. According to US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) indoor pollution levels are often at least two times higher than outdoor environment and occasionally up to 100 times higher. Therefore it is very important that we keep monitoring our indoor air quality and adopt a greener approach. If you don’t use a harmful chemical in the first place, then there is no question of cleaning it up, or be exposed to it, which is what preventing pollution is all about. Following is a list of the things you can do to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals to create a safer indoor living environment for you and your family.

• Keep away Mold and Mites: It is important that in the roof and attic design main considerations are taken to prevent the progress of moisture and managing the moisture to avoid condensation on building materials resulting in dust mites and mold spores. So fix leaky pipes and faucets instantly and pay attention that water slopes away from the foundation of your house.
• Let the air flow in. Increase ventilation rates and air distribution in your home. Mechanical ventilation systems must be used to exchange indoor air with a supply of relatively cleaner outdoor air. If you have few windows then consider using other means that of ventilation like exhaust fans particularly in bathrooms, attics, basements and garages.
• Remove your shoes before entering your home. Toxicologists have proved that removing shoes at the door will help keep out toxins for example lawn pesticides and factory chemicals that travel as minute particles.
• Place indoor plants that are smart in removing aerial contaminants in your home. With this you not only get natural decoration but it helps in improving the air quality within the home.

• When you buy household cleaners and Janitorial products, always look for labels that tell all of the chemicals that are used in cleaner. Be sure to avoid using cleaners that contain: Nonyl- and octyl-phenols which are used to make alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) detergents.

Paints release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC’s include known carcinogens or neurotoxins like benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene. To avoid them go in for paints labeled low-biocide or VOC-free. Low-biocide means paint is up to 95% free of preservatives and fungicides-greatly affect indoor air quality in Tulsa.
PVC, widely used in flooring, wall coverings, countertops, mini blinds, water pipes and window frames are known human carcinogens also linked to reproductive and immune disorders. So go in non-PVC wall and floor coverings to minimize potential exposure to these toxins.
• Plywood, oriented strand board, kitchen cabinets and home insulation are all products that can have formaldehyde, a known human cancer-causing chemical. Prefer solid woods and formaldehyde-free insulations while constructing or renovating your home or commercial office building in Tulsa, OK.
• Do not ever leave a car running even with the garage door open particularly if the garage is under the living area. Carbon monoxide can simply seep all the way through walls and floors. And test your house for radon.
Tobacco smoke includes over 4,000 different chemicals, and smoking indoors is one of the most terrible things that you can do for your living environment. If you or your friends smoke, step outside to smoke and save your home and your health.
It is vital that we keep monitoring our indoor air quality and are aware of the environment where we spend most of our lives and improve it by adopting a greener approach. Check with your current Janitorial Company to monitor your indoor air and take the appropriate actions. If you are in Tulsa and would like a free Indoor Air Evaluation call Clean Brite Janitorial Company today.

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Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning in Tulsa

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning

For many of us, carpet is still the best choice of flooring, may be because of its superior insulation, its softness or it’s “look”. But Carpet acts like a giant filter which catches and collects all types of indoor air pollutants. Carpet tends to trap dust, soil and debris, particularly anything tracked in from outside on the soles of shoes and the paws of our pets. It can also be a host of allergens like pet dander and hair, fungal spores, bacteria, dust-mite droppings and toxic particles from the carpet fibers themselves.

To deal with all this embedded dirt, a deep professional clean is often recommended. Traditionally, commercial carpet cleaners use lots of chemicals in their cleaning solutions, producing a powerful combination of toxic agents to deal with the stains and ingrained dirt in carpets.

Carpet cleaning chemicals can also contaminate local groundwater if disposed of improperly (such as directly down your drain). These contaminants this way ultimately pollute and poison the entire neighboring environment and its inhabiting species. These cleaning products are not only harmful for the environment, but they can also be bad for our own health too. For example, one chemical in traditional cleaning solutions is perchloroethylene (“perc”) which can cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue when inhaled, in addition to this it is potentially linked to kidney and liver damage. In the same way, solvent naphthalene, used frequently in traditional carpet cleaning is assumed to be toxic to the human central nervous system and even to be a probable carcinogen! These chemicals get into the air of a room while applied during cleaning and can also be ingested by kids who play on the floor soon afterwards.

But the best part is that we have an option to keep our carpets clean while taking care of our own health and also the health of our environment. So we are now approaching for more eco-friendly methods of carpet cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Thanks to growing awareness concerning the possible health impacts of carpet cleaning, a new class of professional services has sprung up that avoids hazardous and polluting chemicals and promote the use of more natural methods of cleaning, with more natural products. They have shown that it is feasible to produce as high a standard of cleaning as traditional methods while using powerful water extraction equipment combined with 100% biodegradable, plant-based cleaning agents which are non-toxic and harmless for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning services use  plant-based cleaning products which contain enzymes, fatty acids, alcohols, esters, chelators and saponifiers derived from things like palm kernel, soy, peanut, corn, sunflower and canola. Eco-Friendly Carpet cleaning process produce very little waste water and what is produced can be filtered to remove particles and used to water gardens. Above all eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are safer for children and pets too, yet still do a great job.

So don’t replace your old carpet, get it cleaned. Cleaning your carpet produces less than 1% of the CO2 released from the manufacture of a new carpet. Tulsa has become more and more aware of environmental issues. As Tulsa moves forward with Green understanding it will have more companies that can serve Eco-aware customers.

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