Building Owner Calls Clean Brite For Water Sprinkler Clean Up in Tulsa

Tulsa Building Owner Calls Clean Brite for Weekend Water Sprinkler issue at Mall


I’ts Saturday in Tulsa and the voice mail that rings into the office alerts my smart phone that I have a message. When I call the owner of the largeĀ commercial property he says the way he found us was through Google.

The water sprinklers had gone off in a former Mervyn’s location at Promenade mall and the water left quite a mess on the floor that needed a quick clean up. We were able to schedule a crew to take care of the issue before their deadline and everyone went home happy. As I was driving home to be with my family I realized that Google really does work. Blogging, Social media and Keyword had created a winning SEO combination and allowed the building owner in Tulsa to find us on page one of Google-Now that’s what I call a real clean up! Water sprinker and all!

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