Building Owner Calls Clean Brite For Water Sprinkler Clean Up in Tulsa

Tulsa Building Owner Calls Clean Brite for Weekend Water Sprinkler issue at Mall


I’ts Saturday in Tulsa and the voice mail that rings into the office alerts my smart phone that I have a message. When I call the owner of the large commercial property he says the way he found us was through Google.

The water sprinklers had gone off in a former Mervyn’s location at Promenade mall and the water left quite a mess on the floor that needed a quick clean up. We were able to schedule a crew to take care of the issue before their deadline and everyone went home happy. As I was driving home to be with my family I realized that Google really does work. Blogging, Social media and Keyword had created a winning SEO combination and allowed the building owner in Tulsa to find us on page one of Google-Now that’s what I call a real clean up! Water sprinker and all!

Clean Brite Janitorial is a full service janitorial company serving the greater Tulsa area and Northwest Arkansas.

Tulsa Water Damage Restoration Clean Up

Having grown up in Oklahoma we know first hand the power of the OK weather. Tornadoes, floods, hail, lightening, ice storms, etc. The damage these storms and acts of nature can cause on homes can be overwhelming to families, businesses and insurance companies. Clean Brite, Inc. is the company to call when you have water damage and need immediate restoration help.

Water damage affecting walls and floor coverings is one of the most difficult situations faced by a home or business owner. There is no one procedure for dealing with every type of water damage. Don’t make a bad situation worse by calling a company that may not have the experienced technicians necessary to completely identify and deal with your situation. At Clean Brite, Inc. our technicians have over 30 years of combined experience  with the latest in drying technology. Our one goal is to make sure your home or business is returned to a pre-flood condition with as little interruption as possible.  In Tulsa, call Clean Brite, Inc. 24 hours a day our  specialists are  just a click or a call away. If you need additional information or to set up an appointment, we can be reached 365 days a year at 918. 779.3764


  • Frozen pipe repair
  • Water extraction
  • Wet carpet drying
  • Mildewcide applications
  • Restoration drying process
  • Clean and sanitize carpets
  • Complete decontamination and sanitization
  • Humidity control for interiors
  • Sewer remediation
  • Content moving

So Tulsa when the storms hit your house and you have rain coming in or a tree that has crashed in we can be there in a hurry to get your house or business back to normal. We are bonded. We are insured and we work with most insurance companies so you may not be out any money-just your deductible. Give us a call today at 918.779.3764

Indoor Air Quality Service in Tulsa

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-Business runs better when employees are healthy. Indoor air pollution is a huge problem for buildings.

The weather can do crazy things in Oklahoma. Old buildings have uniques issues and new buildings have their own set of issues. Add the crazy weather to the mix and employees can start sneezing and sharing germs and then you have a problem. There are some practical solutions to help with indoor air quality.

1. Let the building breathe.
Like pores on your skin, buildings need to be opened up so they can breathe. Especially in winter and summer months when every window may be locked down tight-A little breath of fresh air does everyone good.

2. Change air filters regularly and have a professional inspect your vents. Mold, mildew, dust mites, dander, parabens and other allergens can grow unchecked then, all of a sudden, the seasons change and when the air or heater is turned on for the first time in weeks the office is hit with a toxic air burst.

3. Nightly vacuuming of carpets with a triple filtration vacuum cleaner is very important. Vacuum cleaners with only a single or double filtration system emit large doses of dirt and dust back into the air. This has a negative effect on the air and the carpet because the dirt resettles on carpet and gets ground in as people walk and creates a sand paper affect that increases wear and creates more expense in the long term for the facility.

On a final note, many of the air deodorizers contain toxins or at the least irritating chemicals and fragrances that make your building smell nice but may irritate your employees. Check with your current Janitorial company to see if they care “Green Chemicals” and Green all natural deodorizers.

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