Tulsa OK Wins Big BCS Dr Pepper Half Time Show Kelsie Berg $100K Scholarship



WINNER Kelsie Berg DR. PEPPER $100,000 SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY @ BCS BOWL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP you heard it first from M3 New Media on December 5th full News Story here


Social Media Brings Dollars to Oklahoma Kelsie Berg, OU Student Wins Dr Pepper Tuition Challenge & $100K Scholarship Featured At BCS Halftime Show Parents How to Fund College Education!


Clean Brite Tulsa says CONGRATULATIONS Kelsie and good luck with Miss Oklahoma Pagaent!

Tulsa Green Cleaning

Tulsa Janitorial Company, Clean Brite Tulsa ‘Goes Green’ with Technology & Cleaning

Tulsa based  Clean Brite Tulsa  introduces eco-friendly green cleaning and when it comes to choosing a Janitorial Company, Clean Brite Tulsa Janitorial Company gets great reviews and makes the news  in the manufacturing, medical, educational, church, industrial and government building industries in Catoosa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Claremore & Tulsa,” says COO Tom Green

When it come to ‘green cleaning’ Tulsa Based Clean Brite Tulsa is a company that loves the environment and loves it’s employees. “We ‘went green’ before it was popular,” says Mr. Green. “Now everyone is talking about the environment and going green.”

“We saw this trend coming in the early 90’s and began offering our clients, customers and employees green, organic and natural cleaning alternatives. It was a smart choice not just for those with allergies, employees and students but also for our medical clients who were taking care of hundreds of patients per week in a hospital environment.”

Clean Brite is a green cleaning company with an entire line of green clean products. Tom Green, COO at Clean Brite says, “More and more companies not only want green cleaning but also indoor air quality to be a priority. At Clean Brite we only use triple filtration Windsor vacuums that remove 99.9% of the microns-freeing the air of dust mites, particulates and disease causing bacteria and viruses that make employees sick and keep them from work. You could say that our cleaning system reduces employee sick time and makes for a cleaner, safer, more healthy work environment.”

Companies, business owners and facility managers can visit request a quote for janitorial services and be sure and ask a free Indoor Air Quality Report to find out if you work in a ‘sick’ building.

Clean Brite Tulsa provides quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Oklahoma City, Joplin, Claremore, Ft. Smith Ar & Dallas, Tx. Services include: Carpet cleaning, tile floor buffing, stripping, waxing and propane buffing of VCT.

Building Owner Calls Clean Brite For Water Sprinkler Clean Up in Tulsa

Tulsa Building Owner Calls Clean Brite for Weekend Water Sprinkler issue at Mall


I’ts Saturday in Tulsa and the voice mail that rings into the office alerts my smart phone that I have a message. When I call the owner of the large commercial property he says the way he found us was through Google.

The water sprinklers had gone off in a former Mervyn’s location at Promenade mall and the water left quite a mess on the floor that needed a quick clean up. We were able to schedule a crew to take care of the issue before their deadline and everyone went home happy. As I was driving home to be with my family I realized that Google really does work. Blogging, Social media and Keyword had created a winning SEO combination and allowed the building owner in Tulsa to find us on page one of Google-Now that’s what I call a real clean up! Water sprinker and all!

Clean Brite Janitorial is a full service janitorial company serving the greater Tulsa area and Northwest Arkansas.

Tulsa Indoor Air Quality & Commercial Cleaning

In today’s world of energy crises and security fears, we’ve sheltered ourselves in our tightly sealed homes, keeping the outside out. In the meantime, we’ve sealed some bad things in and created nest beds for harmful germs, gases and particle air pollutants.

envirortek tulsa ok

Indoor Air Quality Tulsa, OK

A Natural Solution

Outdoors, nature has been solving the problem of air pollution naturally since the beginning of time. Sunlight and lightning disperse ultraviolet light, activated oxygen, and negatively charged ions to scrub the air clean by oxidizing pollutants and removing airborne particles. This is the same fresh, clean air often experienced after a thunderstorm.
Simply put, activTek systems bring nature’s outdoor solution inside, duplicating the natural air purification process and creating cleaner, fresher indoor air, naturally with ActivePure technology.

A Superior Solution


Before the development of activTek’s ActivePure technology, air purification relied mainly on passive systems like filters and ultraviolet solutions. These passive systems sit and wait for air to come to them before it can be treated, so only the air that passes through the system can be affected.
ActivePure sends the solution to the pollution, moving throughout your home to find and eliminate pollutants, even on surfaces where most mold, bacteria and viruses originate.


A high powered germicidal UV lamp provides deactivation of pathogens as they pass through, and the UVX light also activates our ActivePure (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) technology.
ActivePure combines high-intensity UVX light with a proprietary multimetallic coating to create Radiant Catalytic Ionization. This produces superoxide ions and hydro-peroxides that reduce airborne contaminants and odors.
A proprietary RF-type ionization system is used to emit energy waves up to 60 feet (even through walls) to charge ultra-fine particles in the air. Needlepoint Ionization disperses these negatively charged ions to attract airborne particles, helping to remove them from your breathing space. The optional Corona Discharge Plate produces activated oxygen to further treat the air.


Unlike filters that can only catch particles that are .3 microns and larger, ActivePure reduces particle concentrations as small as .01 microns. UV lamps kill bacteria but don’t filter particles. And they only work if the bacteria is exposed to the UV light for a minimum length of time. ActivePure kills bacteria and reduces particles. And because it uses active technology, it treats pollutants at the source – even on SURFACES!


ActivePure technology is recognized as a Certified Space Technology for having effectively applied space-based technology to address the real and growing concern of indoor air pollution and improve the quality of life for people here on Earth. ActivePure uses RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) technology originally developed in cooperation with NASA to clean the air in spacecraft.


The effectiveness of ActivePure technology has been qualified by multiple peer-reviewed university studies. It has been proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of ten of the most deadly forms of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses on surfaces, as well as significantly reduce harmful particles in the air.

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Call for your free building assessment today.  CleanBriteTulsa.com

Tulsa Green Cleaning for your Buildings

We it comes to commercial cleaning and janitorial. Green cleaning is all the buzz these days.
It’s not just enough to talk about green cleaning. Companies and individuals must know what it means to go green.
Going green is more than just a fashion statement it is a business decision.

It’s not just about saving the environment it is about living living healthy lives. A casual read of blogs will show you that there are many toxins, allergens, pet dander, dust mites and indoor air pollution in our buildings.

With more and more talk about going green-we have a full line of enviro-friendly cleaning ingredients. Ask about our Green Program. Tulsa’s Green Cleaner-go Green and save!


1. Vacuum carpets regularly.
2. Have a designated smoking areas or better yet-don’t smoke inside the your building at all.
3. Use mats and rugs at the doors to catch more debris and prevent foreign debris from coming into your building.
4. Have your carpets cleaned regularly.
5. Leave pets outside.
6. Limit the use of toxic fragrances and aerosol sprays.
7. Open windows and doors regularly and let facility “air out”
8. Have a live plants in your building. Live plants emit Oxygen and inhale CO2 that is harmful for humans.
9. Use certified organic cleaning chemicals.
10. Have your building inspected by professionals (asbestos, mold, vents-air duct cleaning)

By following these simple guidelines you can insure that you commercial building and facility stay allergen free and healthy.
Call Clean Brite Tulsa today to schedule a FREE indoor air quality assessment. 918.779.3764 You get to keep your free report to help you improve your facilities environment no matter what the age of your building.